I know first hand how it feels to lose everything you’ve ever worked for fall through your hands like grains of sand. How it feels to have the person you love most in this world walk out on you without explanation, to have your pride and dignity taken from you and, to have your world shaken and all stability swiped from beneath you. So all you have in that moment, is the person in the mirror staring back at you. That person is you in your rawest form.

You begin to question who you are, your self worth, the choices you’ve made and wonder what it was that has brought you to this very moment. A moment that can either break you or define you. With nothing left to lose, I was determined to fight for myself, until I met a special yoga instructor. This man was my teacher, my instructor and he told me of his struggles of being in prison and the battle of his life after prison. His story became my passion and my passion became my journey. A journey for a life made of second chances, to help give hope, to extend a helping hand, to give up self doubt, self judgement, shame and to release the pain of yesterday and turn it into something good.

My journey isn’t to save others but to help people save themselves by giving them the tools and knowledge to become the person they aspire to be. Giving them hope, support, guidance, love and trust in themselves that they, are too strong enough, brave enough, and are simply enough to succeed in this nation and in this world and to become an asset in our community.

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