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News Update: Breaking Cycles

Sisters Unchained creates a safe place for affirmation, healing, political education, and the realization of our collective power to build up our communities.

Breaking Cycles is proud to support such an incredible organization whose goal is to create and hold space for dialogue honouring multiple paths of empowerment and self-determination while encouraging creativity, radical resistance, and leadership.

Giveaway: be.collection by brittanymarie

The holiday's will be here before you know it! What comes with holidays, GIFTS! 

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Gift Giveaway: The Jasper

Gift Giveaway: The Jasper

Book Club Feature: gifts of imperfection

This book is one of my current favorites. I've read this book twice in the last month and take it with me to every class. It teaches us the importance of being imperfect. Through our imperfections, is the portal of growth and how we can become relate-able to one another. 

We're all perfectly, imperfect. It's what makes each of us unique and beautiful. Our imperfections give the world colors, it helps us to create and helps us to get moving on. It's in our struggles and our lessons that we become stronger and wiser.

It's never fun to go through the hard times, but those are the times that define us. We can either crumble and fall or we can dust off our hands and knees and rise above. And that is the story of you! That is the story of Breaking Cycles, it's the journey of our lives. Let these gifts be your passion!