Breaking Cycles + Sisters Unchained


It was a long journey, riding the waves of uncertainty but despite everything, I've arrived in Boston! Boston, home of the Red Sox, Freedom Trail, Bunker Hill and Sisters Unchained

I was beyond excited to meet Vanessa, one of the founding organizers of Sisters Unchained. Vanessa and I have been communicating by phone and e-mail for nearly 8 months, yet, we have not had to opportunity to meet in person until now. 

While in Boston, I had the privilege to meet and teach 4 young girls who are in the Sisters Unchained program.  Sisters Unchained is for young women of color with loved ones currently or formerly behind bars.

Yoga is not about touching your toes or standing on your head or folding yourself into a lotus pretzel. It’s about how you do what you do and how you live your daily life on a moment-to-moment basis
— Erich Schiffman

Sisters Unchained creates a safe place for affirmation, healing, political education, and the realization of our collective power to build up our communities.

Our yoga practice together worked with poses that specialize in grounding, strength, opening our hearts, sisterhood and teamwork. We worked on core beliefs for healing the mind, body, and soul through breath, meditation, movement and laughter. 

Breaking Cycles is proud to support such an incredible organization whose goal is to create and hold space for dialogue honoring multiple paths of empowerment and self-determination while encouraging creativity, radical resistance, and leadership.

To find out more about Sisters Unchained, check out their facebook page or visit their organization on GO FUND ME


June 19, 2016

Brittany Doherty