Yogi's Reunion

It's been less than a month since my visit to San Francisco to meet with James Fox with the Yoga Prison Project. After the incredible experience with the men at San Quentin I have found myself traveling to Columbia, Maryland to take another trauma informed yoga training.

To my dearest surprise, Irene Auma with the African Yoga Project was there taking the training with me! I first met Irene when she landed in San Francisco from Keyna (where she lives). Irene is a part of the Baptiste family and was introduced by Sean and his wife, Jenn owners of Baptiste San Fran. If you live in the Bay area, be sure to check it out! It's an incredible studio with the most humble and talented instructors. 

What I love most about all the training's I've been able to attend are the people that it brings. New friends with incredible journey's! So excited to be able to share Breaking Cycles to those across the country!

Brittany Doherty