Surprise Visit to O-H-I-O

What's better than having your daughter come home to surprise you for Mother's Day?! Umm...nothing! Okay, let's be honest.....maybe a trip to Italy! (Sorry, mom.....maybe next year)!

A little over a month ago my mother was rushed to the hospital, unable to speak or walk. Leaving our family in a state of panic as the doctors frantically searched for the cause of the infection. My mom lied hopeless in bed after being transferred to 3 different hospitals and now under the care of 6 different specialist. 

Finally the moment we were all waiting for....the doctors found a treatment! The news couldn't come quick enough as the infection spread from her shoulder into her collarbone, rib, breast tissue, blood steam and carotid artery. 

The resolution was surgery, blood transfusions, followed by a lot of antibiotics.  The surgery left my mother with a huge hole in her chest but in the end, saved her life. I couldn't be happier to surprise my mother and spend this mother day celebrating her incredible life!  Family photo below! My mother is on the left :)

Brittany Doherty