FUSAR Partnership

Please have your glasses ready because this deserves a toast!

Breaking Cycles has received it's first corporate sponsor, FUSAR! I might be the only one clapping but I'm giving our team a round of applause! Plus, it's 10:30pm at night and I just got off the phone with the team at FUSAR and I'm P-U-M-P-E-D!

FUSAR is the world's first technology ecosystem for action sports. Perfect for Breaking Cycles.  FUSAR is building technologies that will allow your favorite action sports tech products to work with each other for the first time.

How?! The FUSAR app is designed to provide the action sports community with a place to thrive in the digital world. That means that Breaking Cycles will be able to record the entire ride and track performance metrics. Top stats will be displayed right on our profile page, so it's easy to see how you stack up against friends no matter where they are. 

Afraid we'll lose touch? Don't worry, FUSAR has created a RiderChats feature. With one click of a button, this will allow me to chat with 12 awesome fans.  Wonder where and how Breaking Cycles is doing? Thankfully, I'll have the ability to post logged rides to our feed and share them across all our social media platforms. The same goes for all our photos and videos we capture along the way. With FUSAR we now have the ability to take you along for the ride and share the incredible experience of cycling across the country from sea to shining sea. 

Brittany Doherty