Apothecary Launch Party!

I can’t believe it. After so many so many months of hardwork and a year of brainstorming, the be.collection apothecary line is now in store and for sale!


Where you may ask?

Shop Love Locked in Jersey City, New Jersey!

Thank you for all my friends who believed in me, you know who you are!


My gratitude goes to you for all the months of listing to my brainstorming ideas, voted for and reviewed all my logos (yes, we had a vote), CONSTANTLY REASSURING ME - you will note, this is huge! Thank you for your time, patience, help and support - you ALL are ROCK STARS in my books!


All Organic, 100 % Natural, Homemade Coffee Scrub! You betcha, we’ve got it! Be. Bad and break out the biker jacket, put on your darkest shades, because now you can! Be BAD with this slightly naughty blend of Organic Coffee, Frankincense and Rosemary!


An all-natural, organic apothecary line

made with YOU in mind. 

Each scent comes with a unique crystal to energize your chakras.


For more information on where you can find the be.collection and more, click on the be.collection button below.